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This site is priced for Canadian Consumers, although the high quality desk and information are the same, if your from the USA, please visit our Rolling Pro Desk USA store. Thanks for coming by.

The Pro Desk Rolling StandPro Desks Laptop Stand Rolling Pro
  • The desktop, where the laptop sits accommodates all sizes of laptop mounts, notebooks and tablets.

  • The desktop can swivel front to back, you can configure the position of your keyboard exactly where you like it.

  • Height adjustable main rod allows you to bring the desktop position up or down depending on your situation.

  • Stable 5 Wheel Leg Base provides a very sturdy table even at full height and makes rolling even over carpet no trouble.


This is a very durable stable laptop table, or rolling laptop stand. It is designed for years of use and can be used in many situations.

  • Hospital and Emergency

  • Medical Office / Doctor Office

  • Dentist / Chiropractic

The Rolling Pro is very versatile and makes an excellent presentation stand for conference rooms, board meetings, hotel and convention presentations and meeting.

Presenters can use the Rolling Pro easily as it's height is fully adjustable, even down to chair level.


rolling laptop stand mount

A lap top table such as the Rolling Pro can provide a suitable working environment for notebooks, tablets, calculators, pens, papers, notepads, all types of uses.

Direct Shipping
Easy Assembly

The Pro Desks Rolling Pro Model Stand / TablePro Desks Rolling Desk Laptop Table
  • Inventory check table / stand.

  • Conventions presentation table

  • Trade Show display stand

  • Tradeshow presentation notebook stands

  • Home office - home computing

This product is direct shipped to you, is simple to assemble and goes right to work for you, providing a stable platform where you can work at the height, tilt angle and settings that you require.

Ergonomic mobile computing portable mounting or stand type tables like the Rolling Pro improve productivity and increase overall production as the desk can go where it's needed.

Table Top – 22 inch - 3/8” Black ABS Plastic
4 Shock Pads – reduces vibration and allows for cooling of Lap Top.
2 Adjustable Plasti-Sol coated Pressure Tabs in Rear
Trim Lock Cushion in Front
Very THIN 36” Nylon Strap with Seat Belt type connector goes above keyboard, right below the screen to help secure laptop

Pedestal – Pneumatic height adjustment
(32" - 42") and tilt using a simple lever

Base Mount - 5 Point Base with 4” Casters
2 – Locking Casters and 3 – Non-locking Caster